Portfolio Category: Service

Mobile Manna Ministry

Mobile Manna Ministry is an extension of the St. Isidore Food Pantry. Ministry members serve clients in the Quakertown community who are unable to purchase all of their own food and who cannot physically get to the pantry due to illness, disability or lack of transportation. Volunteers are paired as team members and deliver food...

Facilities Committee

Members of this committee work on the maintenance and repair of all issues on church property. If the problem is able to be fixed by volunteers, the best qualified members of the parish are contacted for assistance. All larger tasks are discussed with the Finance Committee. We are always looking for more volunteers.  ...

Altar Linen Caretakers

Altar Linen Caretakers wash and iron all linens used during liturgies and baptisms. All linens must be picked up Sunday and returned during the week. Caretakers work on their own time, and time commitment varies due to the number of volunteers. Instructions are provided for the proper care of the linens.  ...


The Ministry of an Usher is considered to be one of hospitality. The duties of an Usher are as follows:
  • greet parishioners and visitors as they gather for the celebration of Mass
  • assist in seating people
  • take up the collection
  • direct the Communion procession
  • distribute Sunday bulletins after Mass
  • assist in any emergencies that may occur
  • ...