• Mom’s Group

    Mom’s Group

    The St. Isidore Moms' Group is a community of parish moms who get together frequently for spiritual, service, and social…

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  • Respect Life Committee

    Respect Life Committee

    The Respect Life (RL) group is made up of a group of men and women who come together monthly to…

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  • Parish Religious Education Program

    Parish Religious Education Program

    Our parish religious education program serves over 300 parish families each year. A staff of 60 volunteer catechists and aides…

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  • Mobile Manna Ministry

    Mobile Manna Ministry

    Mobile Manna Ministry is an extension of the St. Isidore Food Pantry. Ministry members serve clients in the Quakertown community…

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  • Facilities Committee

    Facilities Committee

    Members of this committee work on the maintenance and repair of all issues on church property. If the problem is…

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  • Altar Server Coordinator

    Altar Server Coordinator

    The Altar Server Coordinator assists in training new servers, scheduling, assigning servers for funerals and weddings and in preparing servers…

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  • Altar Linen Caretakers

    Altar Linen Caretakers

    Altar Linen Caretakers wash and iron all linens used during liturgies and baptisms. All linens must be picked up Sunday…

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  • Ushers


    The Ministry of an Usher is considered to be one of hospitality. The duties of an Usher are as follows:…

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  • St Vincent de Paul Society

    St Vincent de Paul Society

    The St. Vincent DePaul Society supplies the needy in the local communities who contact us with financial and spiritual assistance…

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