Bulletin Information

Reflective of the vibrant, Christ-centered community here at St. Isidore, our weekly bulletin is full of prayerful reflections, information on social ministry programs, and notices of upcoming events. Forget to pick up a copy?

Here, you will find background and guidance on Sunday’s readings, a schedule for the upcoming week and a special message from Fr. Riegler.

Please enjoy this week’s bulletin, in electronic copy for your convenience.  It is our hope that you will find something in them that will draw you closer to our faith community.


Bulletin Deadline

Announcements must be submitted for approval to Father Riegler before 12 Noon on FRIDAY for the next week’s bulletin. Any announcements received after deadline will not be guaranteed to make that week’s bulletin, but will be  included in the following week’s bulletin. Inserts must be  submitted for approval two (2) weeks prior to insertion.